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Solarized for Qt Creator

February 20, 2013 Posted by Antanas , 6 comments
Few weeks ago, I've posted my modification of Solarized theme for Terminal application (post here). Today I'm posting my take of Solarized theme for Qt Creator. You can find original files on github.

Here's result of my modifications:

Download files from skydrive:
Update: moved files to Github
You can find files here

Installation on Linux/Mac:
cp *solar*.xml ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/styles/

Installation on Windows 7:
xcopy *solar*.xml %APPDATA%\QtProject\qtcreator\styles


  1. Thanks

    This is the best looking QtCreator Solarized theme I have seen.

  2. Anonymous23/6/13 20:58

    I agree, looks very good and is very readable.
    Thanks for sharing!

    I also like the font you used in the preview, can you tell me which font it is?

  3. Thanks, nice to know someone else likes it =)

    As for the font .. it's Menlo, but you get it only in OSX. You might want to try this project
    if you want similar font for Windows/Linux

    1. Anonymous1/7/13 21:37

      Thanks for your reply!
      I have just tried the Meslo-fonts and they look quite nice in QtCreator on Linux:)

  4. thank you for the nice theme , i was looking for it long time ago :)

  5. you are most welcome =)