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Windows 7 performance setup

February 04, 2013 Posted by Antanas , No comments

Set Power options to High performance. Control panel --> Power options --> Show additional plans --> High performance

Uninstall Windows features. Control panel --> Programs and Features --> Turn Windows features on or off.

Disable Visual effects. Advanced system settings --> Performance settings. 

Disable User Account Control. Control panel --> User Accounts --> Change User Account Controls settings.

Disable system restore. Advanced system settings --> System protection.

Disable thumbnails. Control panel --> Folder options --> Always show icons, never thumbnails

Disable "last access time"
fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1

Disable short filenames
fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 1

Disable services:

Adaptive Brightness
Application Layer Gateway Service
ASP.NET State Service
Bluetooth Support Service
Certificate Propagation
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
Offline Files
Parental Controls
Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar


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